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China PTJ Hardware Co., Ltd. is located at Dongguan,China. Founded in May, 2008, PTJ’s Dies Department is dedicated to design and manufacturing of powder metallurgy die, metal manufacturing and has professional equipment such as whole lathing, planing, polishing, milling, drilling, line cutting and drilling machines, Japan sodick slow wire walking, Japan sodick electric spark machine, projector, three-coordinate and detection instrument. PTJ Dies Department has pursued for innovations for multiple years, always sticks to credits and tenet “quality for survival”, and has stably and quickly developed with enterprising spirit.

PTJ Hardware Co., Ltd.is a private company, which is dedicated to design and manufacturing of carbide dies and Cnc Machining From May, 2008, PTJ is a traditional company with single technical pattern and simple production equipment at the beginning. Later PTJ Dies Department introduces plentiful high-precision equipment, continuously increases investment on technologies, and keeps abreast with development trends of die market. PTJ Dies Department has steeled self and strived for multiple years. PTJ purchased new workshops of about 7000m2 and employed about one hundred technicians in 2010. The new international advanced die production equipment include sodick spark machine, sodick slow wire walking, Beijing caving vertical processing center, numerically controlled lathe, Hans laser marking machine, Dukin Coordinate, Jiande hydraulic plane miller, HuxinC machine tool inner and outer circle miller, Gaowei spark machine, HuxinC automatic hydraulic plane machine, numerically controlled lathe, Youjia vertical machining center, etc.

PTJ sticks to the tenet of human first, credit for customer and quality for survival and regards customers, market and quality first. Our business philosophy is science and technology as guidance, modern management as core, enterprise brand as logo and benefit creation as purpose. We will adhere to innovation spirt, build our first-class brand and cooperate and develop market tougher with customers as before during this high-speed development and innovation age. Here we will make sail, brave the wind and waves, move on, and head for our dream and target. After joint efforts and striving of PTJ for multiple years, PTJ has been granted a series of award certificate issued by the state, which affirms our efforts. We are proud of them.

  • PTJ was granted “Trustable High-Quality Die Products in Guangdong Province” in 2008;
  • PTJ was granted “High-Quality Product in Guangdong Province” in 2010;
  • PTJ was granted “Advanced Die Manufacturer in Dongguan City” in 2011;
  • PTJ was granted “Trustable High-Quality Die Products in Guangdong Province” in 2011;
  • PTJ was granted “Productivity Promotion Award” in 2012;
  • PTJ was granted “Die Talent Training Demonstration Enterprise in Guangdong Province” in 2015;
  • PTJ was granted “Medium-Size and Small-Size Famous Enterprise” in 2015;
  • PTJ was granted “Top Die Manufacturers in Power Metallurgy Industry in China in 2016”
  • PTJ was granted “National High-Tech Enterprise” in 2018

PTJ always pays attention to technology development and develops with the technology as the core. Technology development depends on talent training. PTJ’s Die forms a pattern with the technology leaders as the core and plentiful technical backbones as backbone forces, which covers all fields of the company. After development for multiple years, PTJ’s Die has more than 30 invention patents and new patents and was granted a national high-tech enterprise in 2018.

Based on the background of digitalization, networking, intelligence, new energy and new material technology innovations in die manufacturing industry, to improve quality and enhance efficiency, a die company shall improve R&D and manufacturing capabilities of kernel technology, enhance product quality and service, promote transition from price competition to quality and brand competition, and create more advanced manufacturing technology. PTJ makes great efforts to improve the position in the province, even in China and promote transformation of PTJ from a traditional competitive industry to high-end and intelligent development and create a bright future.


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PTJ is one of the leading carbide dies manufacturer in China.

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