Equipment List

Tooling Machine name Tooling Machine model nr. Tooling Machine quantity Tooling Machine Origin Tooling Machine picture
CNC milling Machine 1300x800x600mm 3 sets Taiwan CNC milling Machine
1. CNC milling center
2. CNC milling center 1600x850x800mm 4 sets Taiwan taiwan CNC milling center
3. CNC milling center 2100x1200x1200mm 4 sets Taiwan large CNC milling center
4. CNC milling center 3200x1500x1200mm 2 sets Taiwan longmen CNC milling center
5. CNC milling center 6000x2300x1500mm 2 sets Taiwan large longmen CNC milling center
6. high speed CNC milling center 1300x850x800mm 3 sets Italy Italy high speed CNC milling center
7. high speed CNC milling center 1600x1200x1000mm 2 sets German German high speed CNC milling center
8. 5 axis high speed CNC milling center 2300x1600x1100mm 1 set Italy 5 axis high speed CNC milling center
Gun drilling machine 1800x diameter 24 2 sets HongKang Hongkang Gun drilling machine
1. gun drilling machine
2. gun drilling machine 1600 x dia24mm x 360 degree 1 set Hongkang hongkang gun drilling machine
EDM machine Small to bigger size 6 sets Taiwan taiwan edm machine
1. EDM machine
2. EDM machine 2 head 2 sets Taiwan Taiwan EDM machine
3. EDM machine 600x400x350mm 1 set Japan Japan EDM machine
4. EDM machine 800x500x400mm 1 set Sweden sweden EDM machine
Wire cutting Small to bigger size 8 sets Taiwan taiwan Wire cutting
1. Wire cutting machine
2. precise wire cutting machine 2 sets Japan japan precise wire cutting machine
2 sets Sweden Sweden precise wire cutting machine
Lathe machine Biggest dia 600mm 16 sets China china lathe machine
1.rough lathe machine lathe machine Biggest dia 500mm 8 sets China/Taiwan China/Taiwan digital lathe machine
3.high speed automatic lathe machine Biggest dia 300mm 3 sets Japan japan high speed automatic lathe machine
Grinding machine Big size 4 sets Taiwan Taiwan Grinding machine
1. big size grinding machine
2. small size grinding machine Small size 32 sets Taiwan taiwan small size grinding machine
Pressing machine 320 ton & 200 ton 2 sets China china Pressing machine
Boring machine Vertical & horizontal 2 sets / 2 sets China china Boring machine

From a single Swiss automatic screw machine in 2007, the PTJ inventory of precision screw machining equipment has grown to become the extensive collection listed below. We think of it as a library rather than an inventory because, like the books in a library, they reach their full potential only in the hands of the knowledgeable and dedicated PTJ people who put them to use.

To ask about a specific capability or machine-related specification, contact us for full particulars from a PTJ customer service representative.


850 CNC Milling True 4th-Axis(12 sets)MitsubishiMB850800*600*500,40 Taper
770 CNC Engraving(3 sets)MitsubishiMB770800*600*500,50 Taper
T5CNC Milling Machine(11 sets)MitsubishiNVT51200*800*600,50 Taper
4500 Big CNC Milling(2 sets)Taiwan4500H10000*1000*600,50 Taper
2500 Big CNC Milling(5 sets)TaiwanNV25005000*800*500
430 CNC Engraving(8 sets)MitsubishiFA 430500*300*300,40 Taper
550 CNC Engraving with 4th Axis(4 sets)MitsubishiCMX550600*400*300,40 Taper
1166 CNC Milling Machine(4 sets)TaiwanVMC116622‘’lx16‘’D‘’,40 Taper
855 CNC Milling Machine(5 sets)TaiwanNV855800*600*500,50 Taper
650 CNC Milling Machine(4 sets)TaiwanEMC650600*400*300,40 Taper
650 CNC Milling and true 4th-Axis(3 sets)TaiwanMB650600*400*300,40 Taper
CNC Turning Machine Center(6 sets)Hitachi40G- 15‘’Up to 24‘’Swing,43‘’
Length 4 1/ 2‘’Bar Capacity
46 Taiwan CNC Lathe(7 sets) and 46 Switzerland lathe (5 sets)SwitzerlandDiameter is 4646’,40 Taper
36 Taiwan CNC Lathe(7 sets) and 20 Japan Lathe(5 sets)JapanDiameter is 3636’,40 Taper
25 Automatic lathe(20 sets)TaiwanMB2525,40 Taper
Mazak Five-axis CNC lathe(1 set) and Mitsubishi Five-axis CNC lathe(2 sets)MazakVF-6/50TR7,500 rpm (47,124 rad.min-1)




Drilling deviceTaiwanM60(6 sets)M1-M80




CMMJapan152212(1 set)1200*1000*600
Quadratic deviceTurnmasterVMS-6040CNC(2 sets)600×400




Precision grinderTaiwanT4(6 sets)1200*800*600
6030 Water grinderTaiwan6030(2 sets)3000*1000*300
8040 Water grinderTaiwan8040(2 sets)5000*1500*600




Type latheTaiwan2525




400T Aluminum
casting machine
Taiwan(400T 3 sets)400T
230T Aluminum
casting machine
Taiwan(230T 3 sets)230T



C1N-60T(2 sets)Japan(The itinerary is 120)500×360×70
C1N-S-80T(10 sets)Japan(The itinerary is 150)500×360×70
C1N-V-80T(4 sets)Japan(The itinerary is 150)500×360×70
C1N-V-110T(1 sets)Japan(The itinerary is 180)650×470×80
C1N-160T(1 sets)Japan(The itinerary is 200)700×550×90


400T Zinc Alloy
Casting machine
Taiwan(400T 3 sets)400T
100T Zinc Alloy
Casting machine
Taiwan(100T 3 sets)100T


Rolling machineTaiwan(General purpose)&2 sets
Edge punch machineTaiwan(General purpose)&2 sets
Thread gaugeTaiwan(General purpose)&2 sets
MicroscopeTaiwan(General purpose)&1sets
Rouhness machineTaiwan(General purpose)&1sets



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Equipment List

To ask about a specific capability or machine-related specification, contact us for full particulars from a PTJ customer service representative.

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